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Healthier and happier teams are more productive, creative, and work better together



Work is the leading source of stress and burnout.


8 in 10

employees are stressed at work, nearly half say they need help with stress management.

$300 billion

is the annual cost of stress-related illnesses for U.S. businesses.


of employees worldwide report feeling disconnected and disengaged at work

An epidemic impacting both employee wellbeing and business outcomes.


the solution

Meditation, mindfulness and breathwork are effective tools to help reduce stress and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

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impacts stress biomarkers

Meditation and breathwork can positively impact stress biomarkers—heart rate and stress hormones like cortisol and oxytocin—changing your body's response and resilience to stress.

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INcreases emotional agility

Mindfulness increases awareness of your emotional responses during stressful and challenging situations. It helps you regulate emotions and choose intentional responses.

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Changes brain physiology

Regular meditation practice trains and reprograms your brain's neurological response to stress through neuroplasticity—creating immediate and long lasting benefits.


The Change You Can Make

Why bring Mindfulness Training to your team and workplace?

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Improve Wellbeing & Resilience

Challenging situations and high-stress environments require self-awareness and self-regulation of emotional reactions and behavioural patterns. Institutionalizing mindfulness through stress-reduction and resilience-building practices will improve your team’s relationship with stress and overall wellbeing.


Culture of Connection & Engagement

A thriving and healthy culture where people feel safe at work, connected to each other, and engaged with their values and mission is the difference between a dysfunctional team and a great team that pulls together. Mindfulness promotes prosocial skills and helps teams navigate change better.


Increase Performance & Productivity

Skills like training mental clarity for decision making, undistracted focus, on-demand calm, and emotional agility not only increase performance and productivity in the workplace, they give your organization the unfair advantage. All these skills are trainable with the application of mindfulness.


Inspire Leadership & Innovation

How leadership chooses to treat its people impacts everything in business. Learn to effectively influence your people with compassion and trust—inspiring them to do more and become more. Teach your team essential mental habits that ignite creativity, drive innovation, and inspire collaboration.

When you care for the people around you, the people around you will care for you.
— Simon Sinek

programs for your team

Meditation and mindfulness training programs designed for busy professionals in fast paced, high performance workplaces.

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workshops & Presentations

These engaging and interactive workshops, either in a Lunch & Learn or 1/2 day  format, bring a practical and experiential introduction to meditation and mindfulness. A 30 day online course and meditation starter kit is included. Both in-person and remote options are available.

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Mindfulness & BREATHWORK training program

Our in-depth training program combines multiple learning formats with a proven framework to deliver results and a transformational experience on the individual and organizational level. Programs are offered in a 6-8 week format or a 2-day intensive.

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Together is always better. We'll work with you and your team to create and implement a mindfulness intervention—tailored to your team's culture and needs—as part of your company's workplace wellness program. Licensing and white-labelled options available.


Companies we've worked with who are creating mindful workplace cultures

Thank you Colin for a very enriching, uplifting experience, each and every time! Last fall, we had Colin introduce the science behind meditation and also help integrate meditation into everyday life. We really enjoyed these sessions that we had Colin return this year to lead another session on mindfulness. Colin is a very engaging speaker and storyteller. He’s knowledgeable, funny, helpful, and has a great voice. He emphasized the importance of mental well-being while simplifying how we can practice meditation daily in various different ways. We definitely recommend him to other organizations!
— Amy Le, Human Resources Manager at McMillan

Proven methods and tools designed to deliver a transformational experience and create lasting results.


Accessible Multimodal Learning Format

Everyone learns differently. The programs will be tailored to your team to maximize engagement and results. Various learning formats include:

  • On-site interactive workshops and presentations
  • Virtual webinars and group calls globally accessible
  • Online learning platform and resourceful toolkits
  • 1:1 coaching and support
  • Exclusive offers and deals from partnered brands and services 

Comprehensive & Committed To Science

All of the tools and practices we offered are science-based and delivered in comprehensive programs designed with a proven framework and process to deliver transformational results.

Fun, Practical, and Engaging

Our mission is to make mindfulness and meditation simple, practical, and accessible. You can expect our programs to be fun and engaging for all levels of meditation experience and full of practical takeaways to ensure long lasting results.


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Imagine a culture of connection where your people have a reason to come to work, not just a place to go to work. A culture that shifts from ME to WE. It’s possible, if you choose to make it happen.
— Colin Pal